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Dear PiA Members and Supporters

 We know that many of you are going to be disappointed at the closure of the PiA website discussion pages but as we move towards closure of the Charity we must cease all active operations - including maintenance of the website and discussion pages.

 It is our intention to maintain some website pages as a service to those with PID who are seeking further information about PID in general or their disorder in particular.

 However this is only a stop-gap measure and the pages will not be reviewed or updated.

 As we have stated previously we hope that UK PIN will shortly have a PID patient information section on its website and as some of you may be aware there is a move towards a new PID patient organisation being formed under the UK PIN "umbrella".

 We suggest, therefore, that you monitor the UK PIN website at regular intervals for more news of both these potential new ventures. It can be found on www.ukpin.org.uk.

 We thank you for participating on the PiA website discussion pages over the years and the Trustees of PiA wish you and your families good health in the future.