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What are Primary Immunodeficiencies

General information about Primary Immunodeficiencies


10 Warning Signs of a Primary Immunodefiiciency

Step by step guide to easy recognition


An Introduction to the Primary Immunodeficiency Association (PiA)


Understanding Complement Deficiency

Living with Complement Deficiency


Primary Immunodeficiency List

A Comprehensive list of all known primary immunodeficiencies.


Get it off your chest!

Self-help techniques for improving your condition


Understanding Hereditary Angioedema and acquired C1-Inhibitor Deficiency

This booklet describes what it means to have hereditary angioedema and outlines the medical facts behind both conditions.


Understanding IgG Subclass Deficiency

Dr Alison Jones, of Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust, provides an overview of this rather poorly defined group of disorders.


Living with primary antibody deficiency

...you probably have many questions about what your condition means.


Primary Immunodeficiency: Information For Nurses, Midwives And Health Visitors


Primary Immunodeficiency and School

This pack contain information about your child for schools


Bone Marrow Transplants for Primary Immunodeficiencies

This booklet is designed to help families facing a Bone Marrow Transpant:


Understanding IgA Deficiency


Understanding Hyper-IgM Syndrome


Understanding Subcutaneous Infusion


Understanding Wiscott-Aldrich Syndrome
Understanding Hyper IgE Syndrome (Job's Syndrome)

A booklet containing a brief description and a personal view of living with the condition

Understanding CVID

                  - Available from Head Office, email for an attachment pdf copy, or call for a printout.

Information sheets


No. 1 Immunology/Genetics Glossary
No. 2 Cryptosporidiosis
No. 3 Medical Genetics Centres
No. 4 'Dear Doctor' (series from inSIGHT)
No. 5 EMLA Cream
No. 6 Vaccination in Primary Immunodeficiency
No. 7 Ten Warning Signs for Doctors
No. 8 Travelling/Moving to France
No. 9 Autoimmune Disease, Allergy and Primary Immundeficiency