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General Immunodeficiency Information

Jeffrey Modell Foundation/NPI Resource Centre                          jmfworld.com

Immune Deficiency Foundation                                             primaryimmune.org

Help f or Families with Disabled Children                                   cafamily.org.uk

International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiency      ipopi.org

Michigan Immunodeficiency Foundation                                                  midf.org

Sowerby Centre for Health Informatics at Newcastle                 schin.ncl.ac.uk

Finnish Patient Orgn. for PIDs                   immuunipuutospotilaidenyhdistys.fi

Paul Ehrlich Institute                                                                                         pei.de

Genetic Interest Group (Genetic Disorder Support)                           GIG.org.uk

UK-PIN (Primary Immunodeficiency Network)                                  ukpin.org.uk

BPL - (The UK National Fractionator)                                                       bpl.co.uk

Immune Deficiences Foundation New Zealand                                idfnz.org.nz

Australian PID Support Group      groups.yahoo.com/group/PIDLIFEAustralia

ROI (Ireland) PID Support Group                                                                   piai.ie

Disability Discrimination Act advice           direct.gov.uk/DisabledPeople/fs/en

Condition-Specific Information

Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust                                       anthonynolan.org.uk

XLP Research Trust                                           xlpresearchtrust.org/default.asp

Chronic Granulomatous Disorder                                                          cgd.org.uk

HAE-Andy Long's personal experience                                        thirdbass.co.uk

CVID-Michael Dann 's personal experience                         michaeldann.co.uk

CGD Queries Email                                       

Chronic Mucocutaneous Candidiasis                                           candida.org.uk

Severe Combined Immune Deficiency                                                      scid.net

YOUNGLUNG (Chronic Lung Ailments)                  topica.com/lists/younglung
Interstitial Lung Disease         groups.yahoo.com/group/InterstitialLung_Kids

British Association of Dermatologists                                                   bad.org.uk

DiGeorge Syndrome - Max Appeal                                            maxappeal.org.uk

Bone Marrow Transplants                                              bubblefoundation.org.uk

Financial Information

Association of Medical Research Charities                                       amrc.org.uk

GIVE AS YOU EARN                                                                    giveasyouearn.org

UK Inland Revenue                                                                inlandrevenue.gov.uk

HepatitisC Claims                                                                        The Skipton Fund

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